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Will I need a visa for this tour?

As a tour booking website, ،Travelio cannot organise visas for you on your behalf as the visa requirements are regularly being updated and vary for the nationality of one traveller to the next. It is for this reason that we recommend checking with your local embassy or consulate website for the latest up to date information. 


Can you provide an invitation letter?

If you would like an invitation letter we can request this from the tour operator, provided you have made payment for the tour and your booking has been confirmed.


What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is often mandatory for travellers joining a group tour however it does depend on the tour company you are travelling with. Insurance can cover the cost of your airfare, as well as your tour(s) in the case of unforeseen cancellation. It ensures that you do not have to worry about any unplanned changes to your travel plans, such as having to rush home to an ill family member or having a tour changed or cancelled because of a natural disaster. It can even help with smaller things – like lost luggage or stolen cameras. When considering which policy is best for you, you may also want to consider what coverage they provide if you have to cancel your booking or if anything happens whilst on tour. We recommend World Nomads travel insurance as just one of many travel insurance companies you can use – click on the following link for more details:


Is touring a safe travel option?

Taking a group tour is a safer way to travel as your tour company will know the best and safest ways to navigate the destination you are travelling to. Being in a group also means you have some ‘back up’ when travelling and will not be caught out alone in dangerous situations.

How can I pay for my tour?

TourRadar accepts payment by credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Iranian bank

Can I pay by instalments?

Travelio provides a free flexible payment option for you to pay by instalments, this means you can slowly pay down the balance of the tour, provided full payment is not due at the time the booking is made. 

You can pay instalments for your trip by logging into your booking page and then selecting the option ‘Add Payment’ on the right of the page.  When you select this option it will provide you with different payment amounts, please select the amount you would like to pay and your payment method then select ‘Pay Now’.  This will then charge your payment method and when you refresh your booking page it will reflect the new balance on your account.  You can also download an updated invoice directly from your booking page once your payment has gone through.

The minimum instalment amount you can pay is stated on your booking conversation page. Please note that on the final payment due date the remaining balance will be charged, if there is a remaining balance left. TourRadar cannot control any fees that may be charged to you by your bank related to Travelio ‘s collection of payments, and TourRadar disclaims all liability in this regard.

Do I need to pay the full payment for my tour today?

It depends on the tour departure date when you need to make the full payment. To find out, please go to the main tour page; click ‘Check Availability’; choose the departure date you are considering, and then click ‘Book Now’.


Do you charge credit card fees?

Travelio does not charge any fees for using a credit card when making a payment. However, as travelio’s head office is registered in Vienna we do recommend contacting your credit card provider to see if you would be charged an international fee for making a payment to a company which is registered in Europe.